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The band BANK emerged in the Polish Silesian town Środa Śląska near Wrocław, the first band consisted of musicians from various rock bands from Wrocław, Poznań and Warsaw:  

• Miroslaw Bielawski - voc  
• Piotr Iskrowicz - guit  
• Miroslaw Gral - guit  
• Roman Iskrowicz - bass  
• Marek Biliński - keyb
• Krzysztof Krzyśków - dr  

Once you've rehearsed two weeks together, they took the Wroclaw radio studio on their first drive.  One of these songs were heard on the record was called "Lustrzany świat" - ("Mirror World") and was awarded the Polish Radio prize for the best summer. The band was very active from the beginning.Thanks to the Szczecin Music Agency "ESTRADA" they played a lot of concerts, which allowed them not only to make many sympathizers among rock fans, but also among the friends from the music industry.  
Her performances in the different regions of the country and on behalf of adhesion events such as: "ROCK SESSION", "ROCKORAMA", or "DYSKOTEKA GIANT" where they have played alongside such bands as "Kombi", "Maanam" or "Turbo", it eventually led to Festival Opole'81 where they could present themselves to the great festival audience.   
Shortly afterwards, they completed together with the formation "Goombay Dance Band" a turne Poland. Although both bands are completely different sound in your profile, this tour ended as a huge success. Then there were guest performances in Czechoslovakia and the GDR.   
The year 1981 was dotted with more concerts and recording sessions, resulting in several singles and the LP "Jestem panem świata" - ("I am the ruler of the world") resulted.
The authors of the lyrics were Gaszyński Marek Grzegorz Tomczak, Leszek Pietrowiak and the previously mentioned Ryszard Riedel.  
The LP version was accommodated by the label "POLSKIE Nagrania", with a circulation of 960 thousand units.   
The sale of all LP was rewarded with the Gold Record.   
The record supports the album and especially the demand for it, gave many a headache, because of a hand, "BANK", in comparison to others, not so often heard in the ether, on the other hand, they could easily fill the largest concert halls.   The conclusion was simple; "BANK" was unmistakably a giant concert, with their rock songs because they were able to bring to the boil volumes as fast as you with her ballads brought to sob.   
In half of 1982, the drummer left the band and Krzysztof Krzyskow Przemyslaw Niemiec took his place. "BANK" took on more, but this time in the Szczecin radio studios where the album "Ciągle ktoś mówi coś" - was created ("Always anybody says anything"), which was released on cassette, under the label POLMARK, with a circulation of 450 thousand. Songs like "Ciągle ktoś mówi coś" and "Mija czas jak nic" met at length in the Top10 of the television charts.
The author of the songs was Magdalena Wojtaszewska. During this time also wrote Wojciech Jagielski for BANK.  
1983 Marek Biliński left the band to start a solo career.   
1984 BANK has stopped its activities. Life has scattered to the winds, the artists, but they kept in touch with each other.  
In 1999 the guitarist Mirosław Gral with instrumental recordings in the studio by Reiner Eissing started, the owner of the BLACK WOOLF STUDIO in Berlin. During the recording of languages, it often through joint projects and future plans. So also the idea of ​​reactivating the BANK formation has emerged.   
The acceptance of the idea was consistent: Miroslaw Bielawski - (voc.), Piotr Iskrowicz - (guit.), Miroslaw Grail - (guit.), Roman Iskrowicz - (bass), Przemysław Niemiec - (dr.), Reiner Eissing - (keyb.) which had BANK (2000).
After a few rehearsals in Berlin, there were the first concerts in Poland and Germany.   
Their songs were also played in the Polish Radio and abroad. Everywhere the opinion was the same: a very good, with hard rock music to sell many vowel and interesting texts.   
In 2000 appeared under the label SELLES the long-awaited new album "Gdzie Mieszka czas" - ("Where does the time").  Next came "The Best of BANK", where you could listen to new versions of the hits "Powiedz mi coś o sobie","Ciągle ktoś mówi coś" and" Jestem panem świata ".  
It was played concerts in Poland and Germany.
In August 2007, the founding city of BANK, Środa Śl. a concert for the band to 25th Jubilee held. In recent years, the band played without keyboards.
After a meeting during the show "Wideoteka Doroslego Czlowieka" - ("The Adult Video Store People") with Marek Bilinski, has again decided to make music together as one.  
17 April 2008 Group BANK honored its 45 minutes of concert opening a virtual world "Second Life" in Wroclaw.
February 2, 2009 the new album "Złoty pył" - ("Gold Dust") appeared in sales.
21 September 2013 the team in the second edition of the Charité concert WE PLAY FOR ... (Foundation Anna Dymna-known actress in Poland) played in the UFA Fabrik in Berlin.
On 22/23 February 2014 the band  took 4 songs in RecPublica Studios in Lubrza (lubuskie province) for the new album.
26.08.2014 was in Wrocław Club "Enchanted districts' new video clip of the track team "Take me in your arms" recorded.
13.09.2015 at the event "Wine Day in the City of Treasures", organized by the Mayor of Środa Śląska Mr Adam Ruciński, Bank celebrated the 35th anniversary of his artistic work.
On 17.06.2017 the Bank played in Lubin at the "Rock Games" on Brother Albert's Day organized by restaurant "Hit Fit and basement under the Frog" and the Lubins Society ofBrother Albert's Friends.
On 02.07.2017 the Bank played in Hajnówka at the "Holiday Concert" organized by Hajnowski Dom Kultury.

Band composition:

• Miroslaw Bielawski - voc  
• Piotr Iskrowicz - guit
• Miroslaw Gral - guit
• Marek Mosiej - keyb, voc
• Roman Iskrowicz - bass
• Przemysław Niemiec - dr / keyb

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